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Thanksgiving Party Ideas and Activities     


For holiday spirit, try a party activity on the theme of being grateful.                

Note: This website suggests three steps to celebrate Thanksgiving: Do one inspiring activity, say grace, and express what you are grateful for. We have used this plan for our Thanksgiving dinner, and it works so well that everyone says, "That was a great Thanksgiving!" This page presents our favorite thanksgiving ideas. You can find more Thanksgiving day activities, crafts and recipes by going to our menu choice for More and selecting the page for Resources, which has links to sites we like for their professional presentation. This is a new website, and we need your help to spread the word. Thank you!

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Yarn Turkey, photograph by

Aimee Herring, for Parents Magazine.



Gratitude Tree by Donna Howey.


wooden bowl






boy playing piano



dark green leafHave Fun with Thanksgiving Crafts


Give each guest a colored piece of paper to write down what they are grateful for. Construction paper or paper from a copy center will do. The paper can be cut in the shape of a leaf or a feather or a hand. Collect the papers and make a decorative arrangement out of them.


There are several variations of decorative arrangements:

To make a garland, paste the paper leaves onto a ribbon.

If you are interested in making a crafts turkey with feathers of gratitude, like the one in the picture, please go to the site http://www.


To make a gratitude tree or Thanksgiving bouquet, hang the paper leaves from an indoor evergreen tree or from branches in a vase, or draw the trunk and branches on a poster and paste on the colorful leaves. You may also use a window for the background. For examples of pretty gratitude trees like the one in this illustration, see the blogspot entry A Forest of Gratitude.


dark green leafDraw Inspiration from a Bowl of Famous Quotations


This activity is easy for the guests to do and quite inspiring. Before the guests arrive, choose a decorative bowl. Copy literary quotations about gratitude and thanks onto a sheet of paper. Cut the paper into strips with one quotation per strip. Fold the strips in half and place them in the bowl. No one will know what they say until the time comes to read them aloud. Then have everyone gather around. It could be while guests are waiting before the meal or it could be some time during dinner or before desert. Each guest in turn draws a slip of paper from the bowl and reads the quotation aloud, sharing it with the group. You'll find a page of quotations you can use for your party by choosing the menu choice Gratitude and selecting Inspiring Quotations.


dark green leafRead a Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation Aloud


President George Washington instituted the first national Thanksgiving holiday in the United States by issuing a proclamation. You can read the full text of it by choosing the menu choice for Gratitude and selecting Inspiring Quotations. His words are thoughtful and his language expresses a universal spirituality.


dark green leafPlay, Sing Along, or Listen to Thanksgiving Music


Music that is uplifting, happy or spiritual will set the tone for the holiday. Whether you want to play an instrument and sing or listen to a professional recording, you will find a page of music suggestions by clicking the menu choice for music.




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