Three Steps for a Great Thanksgiving Party Ideas & Activities Saying Grace Gratitude
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Three Steps to Celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner


For a memorable Thanksgiving day, add one inspiring activity, plus saying grace, plus each person sharing what they are grateful for. We have tried this formula many times, and it works!


Step 1 – Do an inspiring Thanksgiving activity.

This can be the first step or the last step. You can do this step in the beginning to put people in a festive mood while waiting for the turkey to cook. Or, you can take a break in between the main course and dessert for a pleasant interlude that will make dessert appreciated all the more.  Have everyone gather round for one inspiring activity on a Thanksgiving theme. Our favorite Thanksgiving dinner activity is to have each guest pick a slip of paper from a bowl and read their ‘fortune’ aloud to the rest of the group. The slips have quotations about gratitude on them. Other activities can be singing a song, or admiring a child’s crafts project, or reading aloud with flourish Pres. Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, or whatever you like. Activities like these put people in a festive Thanksgiving frame of mind.

Step 2 – Say grace.

Say grace before Thanksgiving dinner. Giving thanks to God is the most traditional way to begin the Thanksgiving meal. If you don’t believe in God, then say a few inspiring words on the theme of being thankful for the food and what is good in life. Saying grace imparts an upliftment to the day. It even seems to make the food more glorious. For how-to tips and favorite table graces, select the menu option Saying Grace.


Step 3 – Express what you personally are grateful for.

During the meal, talk about things you are grateful for. The hostess goes first, and then each person around the table has a turn to express what is meaningful to him or her. This keeps the dinner conversation going in a most interesting way.

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