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Note: This website suggests three steps to celebrate Thanksgiving: Do one inspiring activity, say grace, and express what you are grateful for. We have used this plan for our Thanksgiving dinner, and it works so well that everyone says, "That was a great Thanksgiving!" This page presents links to other sites. For our home page, see the menu choice above for Three Steps for a Great Thanksgiving. This is a new website, and we need your help to spread the word. Thank you!

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Many websites about Thanksgiving have sprung up, offering recipes, holiday decorating ideas, crafts, children's activities, clip art and history. It is intriguing to see how America's favorite holiday is evolving, as enthusiasts share their ideas for celebrating the holiday at home.


Be cautious about opening unknown holiday sites on the web because holiday themes appeal to hackers. Some websites and image files can look cute and sincere while hiding malicious code. Other sites are commercial pages offering advertised links for you to click on, without the commercial site or you suspecting that the link is to a more dangerous site.


If you want to go to the website of a well-known company, you will find that most women's magazine websites have articles about Thanksgiving.


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Clip Art, Graphics, Photographs and Cards:


Crafts and Children's Activities:




Party Ideas, Handling Holiday Stress, and More: (Ladies Home Journal)


Thanksgiving Songs to Sing


Thanksgiving Dinner Music:


The Spirit of Thanksgiving and Gratitude:



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